Employer Branding and digital transformation


Employer Branding and digital transformation

10 leading European Employer Branding Agencies bringing you something, which has never been done before. With joint forces and common beliefs, we are ready to create something extraordinary – with you.

NOW is the right time to act. Transform the future employee experience vision into today’s reality: Build. Scale. Measure. Let us show you HOW.
Join the gang and get inspired by hearing real-life case studies and disruptive digital industry trends from our expert speakers

✅ How about looking at the digital space as an accelerator of our Employer Brand?
✅ How to transform the employee experience to embrace digitization?
✅ How could you build on your strength to achieve more in the virtual space? Build – Scale – Measure.
✅ Practical tips and tangible examples brought to you by international employer branding experts.
And a SPECIAL GROUP OF PEOPLE with employer branding superpower from top-notch agencies across Europe, sharing their knowledge and expertise:

Adam Horvath, CEO Brandfizz (Hungary)

Kersti Vannas, CEO Instar (Estonia)
Anita Zvezdovics, Co-Founder Brandfizz (Hungary)
Hans Petter Stub, CEO Whydentify (Norway)
Mark Horley, Founder Tonic Agency (UK)
Andrey Aliasov, CEO Changellenge (Russia)
Ton Rodenburg, CEO Clubgeist (Netherlands)
Pedro García Cano, Founder of WTC (Spain)

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