3 things to put on your employee experience wish list to Santa

3 things to put on your employee experience wish list to Santa

3 things to put on your employee experience wish list to Santa

Here comes the million-dollar question: are you still busy shooting image videos, or do you exactly know what is on the actual wish list of your employees for company Christmas, that is more than just the money?

A present which is more than just money


Many still think it is just the compensation and benefit package candidates really care about.  At Brandfizz we are driven to build our partners’ employer brand by developing their actual employee experience.

We found based on our over 3000 office clerk Brandfizz Employee Need vs. Experience quantitative research in 2018 that money is coming down only to the 3rd or 4th place. In the IT industry compensation & benefits are the 6th place on the priority list of the software developer target group when choosing an employer. What’s more developers are willing to accept an offer 10-15% below their market value, if you check key employee experience priorities off their wish list.

So, let’s take a look what to put under the company Christmas tree in your employee experience package – or should I say stocking – for next year.

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#1 A culture of appreciation

Appreciation is important


Marked on top of the employee experience wish list is having stimulating tasks that bring a sense of belonging to the bigger picture and the feeling of leaving a mark. Companies where appreciation and positive energy are the norms rather than the exceptions can create an organizational culture where employees are happy and tend to talk about their jobs with enthusiasm to their friends.


#2 Career opportunities

Employees stay where they can see a clear career path


The second item on our wish list is a clear career path. Your career shouldn’t depend on who you have the most often coffee with. Transparency in development opportunities is a top priority. Employees stay if they feel they have place to grow.


#3 Time to develop oneself

Employees need time to develop themselves


Becoming ever more important to outstanding talents, providing employees time to work on themselves is an essential on our wish list. Experimenting on hobby projects while at work add to the sense of having the freedom to develop oneself. It isn’t an accident that hackathon events are becoming more and more popular in other sectors as well than IT.


+1 …and a ribbon to tie it all up: office extras

Add a little sparkle to your employer brand


When the top of the Maslow pyramid of employee experience needs are met a couple of fun elements in the office can make your employees feel extra special. You know the drill. Chill rooms, complimentary coffee, drycleaners, beauty salons, swings and slides in the office space are all things colleagues like to brag about to their friends. Adding little sparkle to your employer brand always goes a long way.

Are you saying money doesn’t matter?

No, money does matter, financial stability is significant. The more important question is why our colleagues decide to come to the office day after day, what is exactly on their wish list, that is more than just the money.

We wish you happy holidays and more over happy employees! Add a little sparkle every day, make sure you are a good Santa and know your employees’ needs. At this time of the year fill their Christmas stockings with experiences that make their time at your company the time of their lives next year.


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